Oil-base drilling fluid additive-OBF-MOEMUL

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Product Detail

1. Summary

    OBF-MOEMUL is a field strength 70%~80% active blend of modified fatty acid and its derivatives. It is used in invert emulsifier systems as a primary emulsifier. OBF-FLATEMUL is designed to emulsify water into oil. It is designed to increase emulsion stability and to aid in fluid loss control.

    OBF-MOEMUL delivers premium performance across a broad temperature range and in a variety of mud formulations, aslo can stablize the rheology, aimed for deepwater drilling.

 2. Usage range


Suggestion dosage:0.5%-2.5%(BWOC).

  1. Technical data



Physical form (25°C)

Red brown viscous liquid

Specific Gravity (25°C)

0.92~0.96 g/cm3

Acid Number (mg KOH/g)

100.0 Minimum

Pour Point

-15℃ Minimum

  1.  Package

200Liter/plastic pail. Or based on custom’s request.

  1. Storage

It should be stored in cool,dry and ventilated areas and avoid being exposed to the sun and rain.

Shelf life:12 months.



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