Short Description:

OBC-S30S is a high temperature resistant isolation fluid, which is compounded by a variety of temperature resistant polymers.

Product Detail


OBC-30S is a polymer oil well cement fluid loss additive. It is copolymerized with AMPS/AM, which has good resistance to temperature and salt, as the main monomer, combined with other salt-tolerant monomers. The molecule contains a large number of -CONH2, -SO3H, -COOH and other strong adsorption groups, which play an important role in salt resistance, temperature resistance, free water adsorption, and fluid loss reduction.

OBC-30S has a wide application temperature, high temperature resistance up to 150°C, good fluidity and stability of the cement slurry system, less free liquid, no retardation, and rapid strength development.

OBC-30S is suitable for configuring various seawater cement slurry systems and has good compatibility with other additives.

OBC-30S has strong dispersibility in cement slurry, and is especially suitable for the configuration of cement slurry systems with high solid content in fresh water or a high proportion of ultra-fine materials.

Technical data




White powder


Cement slurry performance


Technical index

Test condition

Water loss,mL



Thickening time,min



Initial consistency,Bc



Compressive strength, MPa


80℃,normal pressure,24h

Free water, mL


80℃,normal pressure

Cement slurry composition: 100% G grade cement (high sulfur resistance) + 44.0% fresh water + 0.8% OBC-30S + 0.5% defoamer.

Usage range

Temperature: ≤150°C (BHCT).

lSuggestion dosage: 0.6%-3.0% (BWOC).


OBC-30S is packed in a 25kg three-in-one compound bag, or packed according to customer requirements.


OBC-30S can provide liquid products OBC-30L.

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