Lost Circulation Agents-OBC–B62S

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Lost Circulation Additive OBC-B62S is a mixture of mineral and synthetic fibers, which is used to improve the leak-proof capability of cement slurry or preflush. The product is made up of different length, different hardness, and different density of fiber, and has high water dispensability, and is easy to uniformly and stably disperse in cement slurry, and form bridge structure in leakage to effectively prevent the occurrence of underground leakage. When the dosage is 3.0kg/m3, it can improve the compressive strength up to 5 MPa under the condition of 0.5mm crack in the slurry. It has less dosage, and slightly improved the slurry consistency, and has no bad effect on other properties, and it is suitable for all kinds of cementing operation below 150℃.

Usage range

With high water dispensability, and easy to add in and disperse in the slurry.

Can reach better sealing effect in low dosage.

No significant bad effect on the performance of slurry.

Applicable to a wide range, can be applied to various types of cementing operations below 150 ℃.

used in preflush and mixing cement slurry: Continuously add this product from the feeding hopper and fully mix it after preparing preflush or mixing cement slurry.

Used in the process of cementing: sprinkle into the cement slurry mixing tank continuously and evenly and pumping while mixing.

Recommended dosage: add the product 3.0~4.0 kg per cubic meter of cement slurry or preflush.

Technical data




Transparent or white cluster fibers

Bulk Density,  g/cm3


Absolute Density,  g/cm3


pH (2% aqueous solution)


Fiber Length, mm



10kg/plastic drum. Or based on customers' request.


It should be stored in cool, dry and ventilated areas and avoid being exposed to the sun and rain.

Shelf life: 12 months.

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