A top grade lubricant for drilling fluid(OBF-LUBE HP)

It is specifically designed to decrease the coefficient of friction in all water-base drilling fluids, which lowers torque and drag in the wellbore. With a unique wettability characteristic which lowers the potential for Bottom-Hole Assembly (BHA) balling, it contains no hydrocarbons and is compatible with all water-base fluids, including mono-/divalent brine fluids. With minimal contribution to the rheological properties of mud systems, it does not foam and can be added to the mud system through the mixing hopper or directly to the surface system wherever good agitation is available.


1. Effective, all-purpose lubricant for water-base mud systems

2. Decrease the coefficient of friction which reduces torque and drag

3. Does not increase rheology or gel strengths

4. Contains unique metal-wetting additives which reduce the tendency of soft, sticky shale to cause bit and BHA balling

5. Does not cause foaming

6. Biodegradable with no hydrocarbons

7. Temperature resistant ≤200℃ (BHCT)https://www.oilbayer.com/lubricants-obf-lube-hp.html

Post time: Feb-21-2019

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